Pre-Closing Banquet Thoughts – Officer Perspective

So the hours to the end of this year’s Congress are drawing near. This time brings many thoughts to mind, especially as a member of the State Council and District Council. One of such is that this may be the last time you are able to be around your fellow officers or the speech from the State Officers that may make you cry. It is a joyous time as an officer as you know you have done your duty to your fellow 4-Hers, but at the same time you don’t want it to end. Then there are those thoughts where you don’t want Congress to end; you just want it to go on forever. Though at the same time you are ready for this, as you have looked forward to sitting on the top tier of the officers’ stand if you are an outgoing officer, or being allowed to sit up there on the bottom tier for the incoming officers. Well, that is all for now; I’ll update as soon as it is over tonight/tomorrow.

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